Duck Soup/ Chicken Soup

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Duck Soup/ Chicken Soup - Sunday, September 07, 2014 7:48 AM

Duck Soup is a catch-all name for any special food used for supplemental feeding of a sick ferret.   The term  came from a ferret named "Lucki Duck" was fed just such a mix to help him over an illness.  

Ferrets who are not eating should be fed around 80-90cc's per pound of ferret per day.  Divide into 4 to 6 individual feedings. 

It's a good idea to feed "duck soup" to your ferret as a treat while the ferret is healthy.  Then, when/if they become ill and don't want to eat, it won't be as big a battle to feed them when you give them their "treat.

Please feel free to share your recipes.


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Re:Duck Soup/ Chicken Soup - Sunday, September 07, 2014 9:27 AM
I use equal amounts by volume of kibble (ground to powder in a coffee grinder) ground chicken or turkey, all meat wet cat food (believe it or not, we get it at a dollar store for 80c for a big can) and water.  I occasionally add a little Uncle Jim's Duck Soup, chicken or turkey baby food (meat and gravy) or raw egg for variety.  All of our ferrets pretty much ate it the first time they were offered it.  
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