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 My ferret's turning orange!
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My ferret's turning orange! - Sunday, September 09, 2012 7:33 AM
Hi guys :)

I have a question about my little, big boy.. Basil!

He's what I like to call a champagne point, and he is absolutely beautiful! Ohh, I just love him. 

Recently, I noticed he was developing small patches of orange; concentrated around his head and neck. He does a bit of scratching here.

I've always wondered if it could be allergies. The skin is ever so slightly discolored as well. BUT I can't be sure if this is from scratching, or if it's actually the skin??? You know how ferret tails kind of look; they can be a little orange/red with those dark spots? That's what small patches of the skin around his ears/head/neck/shoulders sometimes look like, which leads me to believe there could be too much oil/dirt?? 

I took some pictures, but they are essentially useless :) 

Looking at him today, actually, he looks better! It really comes and goes. He's not in discomfort and romps around as per usual with his sister Rosemary!

He's on EVO and Orijen. He also gets FerreTone and N-Bone treats sometimes, but not a lot. Couple times a week, maybe. 

What are your thoughts on orange fur? I know white ferrets are particularly susceptible to this. I was always so lucky to have a pure white ferret that stayed pure white! :) But now with Basil, a sandy colored ferret, he's got it!! Eeek.

Should I try to bathe him? He hasn't been bathed since I brought him home from le pet store back in Feb. He was stinky and had ear mites! If bathing is a good thing to try, any recommendations on shampoo? Should I try a clarifying one? Antibacterial? I danno!

Thanks guys!

Jenna & the 'rets

PS: I don't think I mentioned the possibility of allergies? He was on a different mix of food and developed red patches on his belly and DH, leading me to think he was allergic to something in those foods. He doesn't have DH now. In the past he was on TF, 8in1 Ultimate Crunch and.. I forgot the other! :O 

And Cayenne seems to be doing well, if anyone is aware of her story! Pred457;lu. 58+ (Rosemary just said hi).... Anyway, her pred was reduced from 1.25ml twice a day to 0.30ml twice a day :| Why did the first vet have her on a dose approx. twice as much as she SHOULD have been on? (Ideally 0.6ml for her weight, etc, I was later told). Sigh. Hopefully up from here.
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Re:My ferret's turning orange! - Sunday, September 09, 2012 8:38 AM
I've had a couple DEWs that were more yellow than white, and the color was deepest around the head and shoulders.  I didn't see the skin you described, tho it sounds like it could be allergies.  Not saying it is for sure.  

Why is Cayenne on pred?  If it's for insulinoma the dosage is usually set low at first and glucose is checked after a week or two to adjust dosage as needed.  Pred has long-term side effects and is not a cure for anything (it treats symptoms), so it is best to give as low a dose as possible for as long as possible.


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Re:My ferret's turning orange! - Sunday, September 09, 2012 4:43 PM
I'm not sure why he would have it come and go. Unless it has to do with season changes? Extra oil building up during coat changes.
Nova, my albino baby, was very yellow and orange when I first got her. I think for her though, it was partly diet and partly hygiene. Both were very poor. :( She gets a little orangey-yellow at shedding now, but she's pretty white the rest of the time, I'm happy to say.

unclejoe, here's her post about Cayenne:

I'm glad to hear she's feeling better. :)
I love my little skunkers!
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Re:My ferret's turning orange! - Sunday, September 09, 2012 9:35 PM
I would be interested to hear what you find out about this. I had a ferret (RIP Eddie) that had an orange patch on the top of his head and it appeared that there was some oil build up in that area as well. It wasn't his fur that was orange though, it was his actual skin. He also scratched the area quite a bit. I took him to about 5 different vets, some of them specialists, and not one could tell me what would be causing it.

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Re:My ferret's turning orange! - Monday, September 10, 2012 4:27 PM
Sounds like it could be seasonal and/or hormonal changes causing excessive oil production. I wouldn't bathe him personally, it would probably just make it worse. Do you have a dig box of any kind for him? A box full of rice, or even shredded paper or something could help by absorbing some excess oil. Do you brush him ever? If so, how often? That might help as well if you increase the brushing you do.

Oh, how old is he? If he is older, maybe could be tied in to onset of adrenal? Adrenal causes havoc on their hormones, just a thought.

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Re:My ferret's turning orange! - Wednesday, September 12, 2012 9:09 PM
Romeo had an orange spot an inch below his left ear on his neck when we first got him. He's been bathed once since then, and has had countless brushings since then and havent seen it again.
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Re:My ferret's turning orange! - Saturday, September 15, 2012 8:40 AM
Thanks guys! Sorry for the lack of responses; just getting caught up in the real world. 

Basil is only a year old.. I certainly hope he's not developing adrenal. Gosh, that would just be horrible. But, I guess we will deal with it, should it develop!

I think I might bathe him and see what happens. It would be his 2nd bath all year so I'm optimistic that it won't make matters worse, well, I'm hoping. At this point I believe it is oil build up. A quick bath and bushings and see if that helps!! Obviously will be keeping my eye on him. 

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